Robertson Valley Hands On HarvestI’m really impressed with the way the Robertson Wine Valley is marketing their events…  

The Wacky Wine Weekend (June), Robertson Slow (August), Robertson Wine on the River (October) – each has its own website, which is not only easy to navigate, but informative as well.  I think they’re doing a great job of branding each event individually.

And now there’s a new one… the Hands-On Harvest.

The Robertson Wine Valley is proud to announce its newest wine festival, Hands-on Harvest.

This boutique event will take place 27 – 28 February 2009 and offers wine aficionados and budding vintners a chance to experience the magic of harvest for a day – without having to quit their day jobs! .

Guests can look forward to:

  • Grape Picking
  • Bunch Sorting
  • Stomping your own grapes
  • Grape vs Wine Tasting 
  • Harvest Market 
  • Vineyard Tractor Trips 
  • Must tasting
  • Brandy blending experience
  • Wine tasting by Horse Cart…. and much more

Groups are small and intimate to ensure that you have the very best hands-on experience and all activities need to be pre-booked by 25 February 2009. But hurry as many of the tickets will booked by then!


Contact details:

Bonita Malherbe:

Marylize Mouton:

Robertson Wine Valley | Tel: 023 6263167 | Fax: 023 626 1054


Now, I’m not much of a wine drinker, but it certainly sounds like fun… ‘wine-tasting by horsecart’?  Haha, that should make for an interesting day indeed!


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