I’m ever on the quest for restaurants and cafes that prepare and sell home-made, locally-sourced, organic and free range food.  There aren’t that many of them (relatively), so I’m always excited to hear about somewhere new.

And that somewhere new is Rotisserie 360, on Bree Street (well, it’s not new, but it’s certainly the first time I’ve heard about it!)  I haven’t (yet) been myself, but read this rave review, and am already trying to find an excuse to make lunch-time sortie into town.

The eatery offers a diverse range of sandwiches and assorted breads, alongside freshly roasted chickens and a wholesome salad selection, making this a great spot for a midday urban bite. The shop also offers a range of locally produced sweet goodies, namely the ‘amsterdam’ (not what you’re thinking) and a chelsea bun looking morsel with chocolate and pistachio that tempted even a non-sweet tooth like myself.
… This spot is a real treat, and Debbie’s Policy of using organic, locally produced ingredients sang through the simple elegance of the dishes delivered… (read the full post)

I love what they’re all about:

Rotisserie 360 was established in 2009 with a simple mission –to offer quality, fresh street fare focusing on the rotisserie style of cooking. Rotisserie 360 is about fresh fast innovative and nutritious street food, made with lashings of love and more than just a dash of passion.

All foods are prepared on site daily using only fresh produce.  No preservatives or artificial flavourings are used.

Wow – lashings of love, passion, fresh produce.  I’m sold.  From the pictures, it looks pretty funky as well – I can’t wait to try it for myself!

Rotisserie 360 is located at 160 Bree Street (corner of Bloem St) in the City Bowl.  They’re open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.  Contact number: 0843141357.


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