SA Blog Awards 2008My, my but time does fly. The SA Blog Awards have come around again, already, and it’s time to nominate your favourite sources of ‘South African independent web publishing’.

The publicity-generating awards give all of us avid blog-reading internet-loving folks a chance to make a fuss of those blogs which we luurve, to which we return regularly, and upon which we are shamelessly (and often deliriously) hooked.

A few examples, in my case, would be the uber-green Urban Sprout (ever a fantastic source of information on things organic), the ever on-the-money thoughts of ‘marketing geek’ Dave Duarte, and the side-splittingly multiple-guffaw-eliciting Peas on Toast.

And there are ever so many more.

It’s great to see that one of the new categories included this year is for Best Green/Environmental Blog, which I’m interpreting as an indication of an increasing number of blogs dealing with local and international environmental issues. And, let’s hope, a similarly burgeoning number of greenie blog readers.

So, if you feel strongly about the blogs you read, now’s the moment to have your say: nominations close on Friday (22 February 2008). After that, the top 10 in each category will be selected and final voting will be open to the public from Monday 3 March 2008 until midnight on Friday 14 March 2008.

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