Well, I’m a bit behind in picking this up (having overseas guests does tend to distract one from such frivolous pursuits as blatant self-promotion), but it would appear that Mother City Living has made it into the finals for the 2008 SA Blog Awards. Hooohah!

We bloggie types love this stuff. It’s a a chance to be noticed among the thousands of other blogs all jostling for attention. We secretly hope that fame, fortune and favour will follow, so that we can give up our day-jobs and forever write passionately about the things we like…

Ahem, yes, well we all can dream, and some have certainly made it a reality.

Having a look at the finalists for the SA Blog Awards this year, I see many that are very familiar to me, and some new blood I’ve not yet encountered (but can’t wait to savour). What I can’t quite believe, though, is that one of my very favourite blogs, BeastInsight, didn’t make it on to the shortlist for ‘Most Humorous South African Blog’.

Between Peas on Toast and the Beast I have howled my laughing way through what would otherwise have been entirely uneventful days, tears of awed hilarity coursing down my cheeks and gunking up my keyboard. And the Beast didn’t crack the nod? I just don’t get it.

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the awards folks don’t let us bloggers know when the awards are coming around. Well, they do, but only indirectly, via other people’s blogs, and the little bit of link-love that might come your way (if you spot it). They don’t email previous nominees/winners and encourage them to get readers to vote.

They don’t even (and this I find rather odd indeed) email you to let you know that you are a finalist. Again, here they rely on indirect means of notification. I know bloggers are generally savvy where these things are concerned, pouncing on incoming links, curious to know where they come from, but we do miss them sometimes.

It just all feels a little vague, a little by-the-by, when it could be so much more of an occasion, and a chance for the blogging community to feel connected in some way.

But, as usual, I digress. Voting closes tomorrow, so I’m leaving this a little bit late! To my surprise Mother City Living has made it into four categories: ‘Most Humorous South African Blog’, ‘Best SA Blog about Food and Wine’, ‘Best Green blog’ and ‘Best Travel Blog’ (the first and last I hadn’t expected at all).

If you haven’t already voted (or are now so dazzled by MCL’s brilliance that you feel you simply must change your vote forthwith), you can do so here. Even if you couldn’t give a toss about the blog awards, it’s still worth taking a look at the finalists to find new blogs to satisfy your online cravings.

Here’s to fame, fortune and favour for all! (It’s a good thing I rather like my day-job)

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