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It’s once again time for the SA Blog Awards, a fun little event that gives us shy and retiring bloggers a bit of a chance to strut our bloggy stuff in the mainstream limelight.

And this year it looks like the organisers have managed to get some impressive sponsors on board, which should make things even more interesting – and which shows that bloggers are beginning to be noticed.  

Personally, I reckon that’s a pretty good thing (mainstream media needs a bit of competition, methinks).

So, nominations for this year’s awards close tomorrow (18 March ’09), and if you feel compelled to give Mother City Living a bit of a boost, go ahead and click on the inviting green banner before then!

And, if you’re looking for a few more (or other) blogs to nominate, here are some other fantastic blogs out there, well-deserving of your  nominations:


  • Urban Sprout – my stiffest competition in the Best Green Blog category.  These guys keep readers up to date with green news and are very actively involved in environmental causes and initiatives in South Africa.
  • Tracy Stokes (aka the Cape Town Oracle).  The thoughts and observations of a passionate greenie living in Cape Town.  Whilst not all posts are on green topics, they’re certainly in the majority. 


  • Relax With Dax – Dax does a lot of eating out, and his honest and informative reviews are a great way to get a feel for a place, before you go and try it yourself.  He’s also a man who cares about the planet, so expect to see a few articles about topics-environmental.  
  • Vanielje Kitchen – Dreamy and evocative – prepare to drool as you read African Vanielje’s ‘Recipes and ramblings from an African spiced kitchen’.  The food is so beautiful I’d have to just look at it awhile before eating anything… (she takes great photos, too).  
  • Wine Country Blog – Though not a wine fundi myself, I find this Cape Winelands-centred blog accessible, informative and entertaining.



  • Aspirant Locavore – Although a little quiet of late, the Aspirant Locavore was definitely one of my favourite new blogs of 2008.  Her intrepid search for ethical food sources is entertaining and informative.  



  • Constitutionally Speaking.  I don’t usually follow politics too closely, but this blog makes for informative and often surprisingly entertaining reading.   It’s written by Pierre de Vos, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of the Western Cape and deals with social and political aspects of South African society – mostly from a constitutional perspective.



  • Rude Awakenings.  I’m strangely envious of the early-morning mountain-biking/road-racing brigade, and although I know I will never be one of them (I don’t do mornings), I like to experience it vicariously, through the escapades of those who can.


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