There’s quite a buzz that gets generated by the South African Blog Awards every year – some good, some not so good.  What I like most about the awards is the increased interest they generate in local bloggers, who generally write out of enthusiasm to share whatever it is they love to do, not because they are paid to do it.

The money can come later, of course, if enough people really like what you’re writing about and start generating interest in advertising and so on.  But, at the start, it’s all about passion, opinion, sharing of knowledge – in a diverse range of topics.  Starting is the easy part, of course – keeping up the momentum, not so much.

What the Awards do is create increased awareness of local bloggers, and give anyone with flagging enthusiasm a bit of a kick in the pants.  They also bring to the surface a bunch of fledgling blogs who now have a chance to flex some blogger muscle and start writing more regularly.

Which is all good.  What I’m not so wild about for this year’s awards is this insane ‘vote every 24 hours’ setup.  Instead of it being about the quality and popularity of each blog, it becomes all about who can punt their blog more often, and more annoyingly, via various social media.  And who has enough followers willing to be bludgeoned into voting again and again every time another 24 hours have passed.

I’m not saying that promoting your own blog isn’t important, but this kind of hype is over the top, and I hope they skip it next time around.

Right, so coming to the self-promotion bit!  Thank you to everyone who nominated Mother City Living and got it into the top ten – it’s an honour just to be there.  I can’t ask you to vote for MCL every 24 hours, even if I wanted to – because this is the LAST 24 hours in which you can cast your vote.  I would, though, love to have your vote, if you feel that the blog is deserving of it.

So, please vote for Mother City Living under ‘Old Mutual Best Green Blog’ by clicking this link, or by clicking on the big banner to the right hand side of the website.

What’s not made clear enough, when you reach the SA Blog Awards site, is that this is just the first step.  Clicking the link auto-selects Mother City Living, but you’ll still need to scroll down right to the bottom of the page to enter your details and submit your vote.  Then, you’ll have to wait for an email, and click the confirmation link to seal the deal… Sounds a bit like hard work to me.  Now, imagine going through that every 24 hours?!

This year’s winners will be announced on 25 September 2010 at the annual awards ceremony provisionally at the One & Only hotel, Cape Town.

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