Saszali ChocolatesLast week whilst on my Saturday morning market prowl (this time checking out the new City Bowl Market on Hope), I discovered something new, something delightful, something ever-so-decadent: handmade chocolates that taste as splendid as they look.

Saszali Chocolates are a revelation.  What draws you in first is the beautiful display – enticing wooden boxes filled to the brim with colourfully wrapped balls of handmade chocolate.

What will keep you coming back, again, and again and (yay!) again, is the sensational flavours that each of those chocolates contains.

Saszali FlavoursCreator Anya Lourens makes every single one individually by hand, using Lindt as the base, with a range of 15 exciting taste combinations from which to choose (all natural flavours).

There’s the chilli bite of the ‘Hot Pod’, the orange flourish of the ‘Citrus Blossom’, the sweet strawberry finish of the ‘Balsamic Chic’ and soothing ‘CinnaFusion, to name but a few.

I haven’t tried them all (yet), but those that I did sample were simply splendiferous, and I will definitely be back for more.  At R50 for a box of 4, these are not snacks, but treats to be savoured, slowly.  And with their top-notch presentation, I have a feeling these will be in high demand for special occasions for some time to come.

According to Anya, the City Bowl Market on Hope was her very first market, but I’m sure she’ll be spotted at many more to come!   If you can’t get to the market, though, you can also order Saszali Chocolates online.  The chocolates can be purchased either individually, or in boxes or gift bags of varying quantities.  A box of 4 costs R50, a box of 9 costs R100 (view full pricelist).

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