Seapoint PromenadeWhen I first received an email asking me to sign a petition to save the Seapoint promenade from the threat of impending multiple-storey development I thought I was being had.

Just another one of those shock-mails, I imagined, designed to goad the marginally militant amongst us into voluble (and likely lengthy) outbursts of righteous indignation, before turning out to be a hoax (leaving us grinning sheepishly at our own foolishness).

After all, who could possibly think it a good idea to turn one of the best parts of the Atlantic Seaboard into yet another (probably shoddy) commercial development. Stuff the joggers, pram-pushing families, the walkers, the bladers. Stuff everyone, let’s build a shopping mall. Another shopping mall.

Turns out, of course (naive, naive me), that that’s exactly what’s happening.

But, for a change, there is something we can do about it – we can support Seafront For All, by (at the very least) signing their petition and expressing our collective disgruntlement:

Seafront For All” is a non-profit organisation established, on a volunteer basis, by concerned citizens of the Western Cape. Its sole purpose is the protection and conservation of the Atlantic seaboard. In particular, SEAFA aims to preserve the Sea Point Pavilion and Promenade as Public Open Space for the benefit of all.

Part of living the good life in Cape Town is about enjoying the beauty that we are so lucky to have right on our proverbial doorsteps. Building huge ill-defined developments on much-used and much-loved public open space is not living the good life, and I hope that SEAFA will be able to put a stop to it.

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