Shared Earth Issue Two

Shared Earth Issue Two

The second edition of Shared Earth Magazine is here!

It’s been a long wait (the first edition was published in December last year), but has most definitely been worth it.

In the new edition you’ll find more “practical ideas for self-sufficiency and sustainable living”, such as how to ‘cook’ compost, preserve bountiful summer harvests like tomatoes, how to create rain gardens by constructing ‘living roofs’ and more.

And, be inspired by tales of self-sufficiency from people who’ve taken the leap (amazingly, you don’t even have to leave the city to live off the land, as you’ll find out).

Plus, if you want a concentrated whack of what is of course my very favourite topic you’ll also find the second of a series of articles on farmers’ markets, “In search of good food” – by yours truly.

I love this magazine – not just because I get to write for it, but because it’s so beautifully presented, and really does offer practical advice and plenty of inspiration for those of us hoping to walk more lightly upon the earth.

Shared Earth (R28) is available at branches of CNA, Exclusive Books and other outlets across South Africa, or you can subscribe here (R150 for 6 issues). UPDATE: Unfortunately, Shared Earth is no longer publishing its magazine, owing to financial constraints.


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