One of the things that has been keeping me rather busy of late is my involvement in Slow Food Mother City.  Slow Food Mother City is a new local convivium (chapter) of the international Slow Food movement and has some really exciting plans for the year ahead.

But before I jump the gun, here’s a little background on what Slow Food is…

Slow Food celebrates, protects and promotes foods that are good, clean and fair.

Good food is delicious, natural and part of our cultural heritage.
Clean food is grown sustainably, in an environmentally responsible manner.
Fair food is produced by farmers and artisans who have food sovereignty: they are free to choose how, when, where and what food they produce, and are properly remunerated and respected for their work.

Slow Food convivia around the world achieve this by:

  • Safeguarding local and indigenous dishes, made according to traditional methods
  • Giving preference to foods that are grown and produced sustainably, by small farmers and producers, using traditional skills and methods
  • Regarding meal times as an opportunity to celebrate our relationships and cultures
  • Believing the enjoyment of food is a right of all people

So why start another convivium when there’s already one going strong in Cape Town?  Well, we were simply so excited about how many awesome events we could organise, and small producers we could visit, that we decided Cape Town was big enough for two sister convivia and leapt into the breach.

There are some very passionate foodies on the committee, and we’re brimming with ideas for upcoming events.  The idea is to make the Slow Food Mother City convivium accessible to students and families by offering affordable outings that promote the values of Slow Food. These events include meals, tastings, farm outings and producer visits.

We’ve already had our first official event of the year, a much-enjoyed artisan beer and food pairing evening at &Union, and this weekend SFMC will be visiting Spier’s Biodynamic Farm near Stellenbosch.

Here’s the scoop:

In early March Slow Food Mother City will be visiting the Biodynamic Farm on Spier Estate outside Stellenbosch.

Biodynamic agriculture develops soil, plants and animals into a closed, interacting and interdependent circle of production, characterised by a holistic, natural approach. Spier Biodynamic Farm includes a half-hectare vegetable market garden, and pastures for grazing pasture reared beef, broiler chickens and egg-laying chickens.

At 10.30am on Saturday, 6th March, Christo, the farm manager, will show us around, and answer your questions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about ethical food production, and enjoy the last of the summer weather in a beautiful location.

Date and time:
Saturday 6 March 2010. 10.15am

An administrative fee of R20 for Slow Food Mother City members, and R30 for guests. There is no charge for children under the age of 16. If you would like to take home a frozen Spier chicken for your supper, please add R77 onto your deposit (each chicken is a gorgeous, hefty 2.2kg, so you are paying R35/kg).

Spier Biodynamic Farm –

There are only 25 places available in total (and filling up fast), but if you’d like to come along, email and let us know how many people you are booking for.

I will definitely be there, and I will also definitely be taking home a Spier chicken when I leave.  Oh, and joining Slow Food Mother City only costs R70 (per year), so if you’d like to get first dibs on great events and outings like this one, sign up now!

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