Plastic bottles.  We all know that they have an impact on the planet, and that recycling them is much better that not recycling them. Most of us probably hope that by dutifully carting off plastics, cans and paper to a local recycling depot we’re doing our bit to save the environment.

But recycling isn’t a magic panacea for dealing with waste – and it’s not enough: if we don’t stop manufacturing and using so many new bottles and other plastics, we’re going to run out of space to stash it all.

Think on this… It takes about 450 years for a single bottle to decompose.  Given that around 141 billion (yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’) bottles and cans are not recycled every year and end up in landfills, that’s a whole helluva lot of plastic hanging around to haunt us for a whole helluva long time.  Recycling does help, sure, but it still requires large amounts of energy and resources to turn those materials back into usable form.

A much better plan is to start reducing how much you buy and use, reusing what you already have, and recycling whatever you can no longer make functional use of.  Makes sense, right?

So how to get around buying new plastic bottles when you’re hooked on the flavoursome bubbly beverages contained within?

Well, you could give them up and resort to drinking plain tap water (nothing wrong with that), or you could make your own bubbles and mix-and-match flavours with a home beverage carbonation system.

Last week SodaStream launched a compelling new campaign: “Help Free the World from Bottles” – and I think they’re on to a really good thing.

“The SodaStream system enables consumers to easily transform ordinary tap water into carbonated drinks in seconds. SodaStream’s products are environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, promote health and wellness, are customisable and fun to use.  In addition, they eliminate the need to carry bottles from the supermarket, to store bottles or to regularly dispose of empty bottles.

SodaStream’s vision is to create a world free from bottles. SodaStream is committed to continuously improving as an earth-friendly brand and having a positive impact on the environment. Using water straight from the tap to create carbonated flavoured beverages, SodaStream makes traditional store-bought beverage bottles obsolete. This results in less plastic manufactured, less plastic waste and less transportation of bottled beverages.”

Every SodaStream bottle can be used for up to three years, and is estimated to save the environment from 2,000 bottles and cans during that time. Plus, the CO2 carbonator can make up to 60 litres (or 180 cans) of beverage before having to be refilled and reused.  That all sounds like rather a good plan to me…

Additionally, in acknowledgement of the importance of water, SodaStream have announced their participation in the One to One Project, in collaboration with The Water Project Inc:

“This ground-breaking initiative aims to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people, by building water wells to supply clean, safe drinking water in developing communities in Africa.

The One to One project is a global SodaStream effort whereby $1 (R6.92) for each home soda maker sold will be donated towards building of water wells in Kenya.  The donation from each soda maker sold will help supply one person in Kenya with clean drinking water for at least one year.”

I am really very impressed, and I have a feeling this initiative, which has the rare distinction of making both eco-friendly and economic sense, might just change the way people go about consuming bubbly beverages.  If you haven’t already given up drinking bottled water and other packaged beverages, now’s a really good time to get started.

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