I really like the sound of this… a new eatery focusing entirely on one of winter’s greatest pleasures: hot soup!

Soupa Café, a boutique soup eatery located in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD – Thibault Square – is launching in July 2009. Founded by entrepreneur and soup lover, Darryn Brick, Soupa will be reviving the cities soup culture just in time for the chilly winter months.

Soupa Café is taking the soup experience to a new level by creating something Soupa natural. The Soupa team have put together a menu that will cater to all tastes, from the more traditional to gourmet soups, bisques, desert soup and even a breakfast soup.

Developed in consultation with well-known South African foodie, Justine Drake and the team at Source Management, the Soupa menu, which includes old favourites like Grandma’s Chicken Soup and Hearty Minestrone, encourages customers to be creative and design their own soups by adding toppings ranging from crème fraiche and home-made croutons to cottage cheese and chilli.

Mmmm… sounds great.  And, they’ve solved what would have been my biggest problem, seeing as I don’t work in town:  how to get some without having to find parking:

You can eat-in, take-out or make use of the Soupa inner-city office delivery service. Another unique and innovative offering is the Soupa curbside pick-up service, where you don’t need to worry about finding parking in the CBD, a member of the Soupa team will be waiting on the sidewalk to hand you your order as you drive past.

Presuming you know what you want, that’s a pretty sweet idea, in my opinion… and far healthier than most drive-through options I’ve encountered.

But, wait, there’s more:

Should the conventional bowl or cup not satisfy your soup craving, Soupa Café has invented the Soupa Bunny – a soup bowl made out of bread and filled with steaming soup.

Wraps, sandwiches and salads are also served the Soupa way, ranging from R28.95 they include fresh, seasonal ingredients and a selection of tasty toppings like chermoula roast veg, spicy beef strips and basil marinated mozzarella.

Organic coffee, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices as well as Soupa smoothies are made to order.

Sounds pretty good to me… now all I have to do is get organised and find a reason to go into town!

Soupa Café is located in Shop 42 ,The Pavillion, Thibault Square.  Tel: 021 421 1506. Opening hours are 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  All soups come in 350ml, 500ml or 1 litre portions. Sip It, Slurp It and Dunk It with your choice of a fresh cocktail roll or low-GI health bread with every soup order.

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