fox glove Organic & Natural business for sale.
Kyalami, JHB.

Any Capetonians planning on heading north?

Foxglove Herbs & Delicacies is a small family-run business in Kyalami, Gauteng.  They are “Merchants of affordable natural & organic food and life products” and they have a passion for good, natural food:

We started the company after discovering that, having returned from a number of years in California, the tasteless supermarket tomatoes we’d left in the USA had made their appearance in all the South African shops! And along with the tomatoes had come all the other bland versions of what was once wonderfully tasty produce. All the pretty-looking fruit and vegetables had absolutely no flavour and were obviously loaded with chemicals, being conventionally grown. And nobody was questioning it…

Foxglove aims to change that by sourcing smaller organic suppliers of real fruit, vegetables and other produce. Gnarly tomatoes…with taste. Odd-shaped potatoes…with a superb flavour. Slightly wonky onions. Chickens (yes, real free range chickens that have run around in a field), wild game, herbs, pumpkins, ducks, lemons, wheat, rice…whatever we can get our hands on that is organic or natural.

The owners of Foxglove are moving to a farm, to raise their son in a more natural and sustainable environment, and they’re looking for a passionate person to take over -someone who can improve on what they have started.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, please contact Sue Vingerhoets via email:

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