Local resident Roddy is inviting all interested parties to join him at THE CAPE FARMHOUSE. They are holding a mini-festival of storytelling and music for kids, 3 – 8 years old at the Farmhouse, Redhill on the 12th September, 11am – 2pm. Entrance fee of R25 per child (funds raised go to The Institute for Healing of Memories). Toasties and brownies will be on sale and there are swings and walks to enjoy.

At the same time (12.30 – 2pm) we are hosting a private benefit lunch for Ft. Michael Lapsley of the Institute for Healing of Memories, and adults are cordially invited to join. Father Michael will speak about his work at the TRC, throughout Africa and worldwide to bring forgiveness and reconciliation to victims of trauma. Ft Michael is a man of great courage who is an inspiration for all who have met him. Do not miss this special opportunity. The buffet lunch (including Cape Point wine) with Ft Michael will cost R85pp and proceeds will go to the Institute.

RSVP: Roddy: 021 780 1928, roddy@capetown.at.

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