A new summer CSA is on the cards for 2010.  This one will run for 10 weeks (Tuesday 26 January through Tuesday 30 March) and in addition to the uber-fresh organic vegetables members will receive every week, the deliveries will also include mushrooms and preserves from other sustainable food producers and projects.

The details:


  • a weekly bag of six naturally grown vegetables over ten weeks
  • Crops including: herbs, mixed lettuce, boerpampoen, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, green beans, white and yellow mielies, celery root, beetroot, carrots, spring onions, butternut and baby marrows.
  • Compostable plastic and recycled paper packaging
  • Collection points at Jaqui Daya Food Store in Newlands, Joostenberg Deli off the N1, Deer Park Café in Vredehoek, and Millstone Farm Stall in Pinelands
  • An additional item every other week (five weeks over the course of the CSA), including two bottles of preserves from a community project, and three bags of organic exotic mushrooms from mushroom grower Theo Oldjohn
  • Two outings to Erick’s farm in Kraaifontein
  • R559.00 in total, averaging to R55.90 per weekly bag

For those of you with no idea what I’m talking about, here’s what a “CSA” is:

A CSA is a partnership between an agricultural or artisan producer and a group of consumers. The consumers sponsor the production of a specific crop or product at the beginning of the CSA, and during the season, the producer responds with frequent reports on that crop’s development and growth, and the consumers can visit the producer to learn more about how crop is grown, and even help with the harvest. The harvest is divided between all the members during the course of the season. Possible CSA products could include vegetables, fruit trees or grassfed beef from an entire steer.

The point of running a CSA (and a cornerstone of the Slow Food ethos) is to reconnect consumers with agricultural producers, and make urban dwellers aware of the lifecycles implicit in growing and producing the food we eat.

I’ve been involved in every CSA so far, and apart from having to get a little creative with turnips, I’ve really enjoyed not only the incredibly tasty and fresh vegetables, but being part of something that is greater than the sum of the produce itself.

If you would like to find out more, visit www.slowfoodcsa.co.za or email kate@slowfoodcsa.co.za.

PS, Farmer Erick has promised not to be quite so turnip-crazy this time around, so I’m definitely signing up again!

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