Taste Magazine has just launched an awesome new website that has me drooling from the get-go.  It’s got pretty pictures, simple recipes, foodie news and I think I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time on it in the months to come.

What I particularly like is features like the ‘In Season‘ tool, which gives you a broad idea of what vegetables and fruit are in season right now.  Most of us are now so removed from the food-growing side of things that we don’t really connect seasons with availability of produce and I think it’s good to be reminded.  Eating seasonally makes sense: we get variety, and don’t eat too much of one thing for too long; seasonal food is usually fresher and tastier because it hasn’t had to be stored; and it’s also generally easier on ye ol’ carbon footprint, requiring less transport, assuming it’s grown nearby.

In addition to listing what’s in season, the tool also offers handy recipes (accompanied by mouth-watering photos, of course) making use of seasonal ingredients (caramelised figs with brie, mmmmmmmm).

The website also has a useful how-to section – everything from how to coddle an egg, to making ‘fresh-mint chutney’, or the intricacies of cleaning squid and sprouting your own seeds (preferably not at the same time).  I love my food, but I’m not always that clued up on the finer details, so this bit appeals to me immensely.

There’s a section dedicated to wine (want to know whether organic wine can prevent a hangover, or how you can start your own cellar?), another to food trends (Mexican and raw foods are all the rage this year, apparently) and yet another to food ‘buzz‘.

Added to this there are plenty of recipes (of course) and some very tempting competitions I wouldn’t mind winning.  I haven’t registered yet, but it looks like you’re also able to bookmark and keep track of the recipes you like, which is really very cool.

I am impressed.  Obviously, the site is there to showcase the Taste Magazine, and to sell Woolworths products, but it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch – it stands on its own as a great resource that has been well thought out, and tastefully (excuse the pun) crafted.  I’ll be coming back for more, and then some.


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