Cape Outdoor Adventure Expo

Every year I mean to go to the Cape Outdoor Adventure Expo and every year I am put off by the simple fact that it’s held indoors.

The CTICC (Cape Town International Convention Centre), great though it might be for stuffier gatherings like conventions and even for the more colourful Asian trade fairs they host there, is not, in my (humble) opinion, the right place for anything outdoorsy.

Even the wine and food shows they have there pale in comparison to the ones held in the great outdoors (compare the outdoor SA Cheese Festival with indoor Cape Town Winex, for example – no contest!).

But this year things will be different. This year organisers have seen the light! This year, the Outdoor Expo will be held, well, outdoors.

The venue of choice for 2006 is the beautiful Bien Donne Estate, about 40 minutes outside Cape Town (between Paarl and Franschhoek). Many people will recognise Bien Donne as the home of the delicious and delightful SA Cheese Festival (a personal favourite).

Cape Outdoor Adventure Expo The expo kicks off today (trade only) and runs until Sunday at 6.30pm and this year, for once, I am quite likely to attend.

Of course, having an outdoor venue does mean organisers are taking a risk with our notoriously fickle cape weather. But outdoors is outdoors, say I, and the intrepid outdoorsy types who’re likely to attend shouldn’t be put off by a little bit of inclement weather.

For more information, and directions to Bien Donne, visit the Expo website. Tickets cost R40 for adults.

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