The Ecocentric Journey’ is a conference with a difference organised for South Africa’s business leaders

It aims to:

  • Raise awareness within the industry around the reality of climate change and the risk associated with operating non-sustainably; – Excite the local insurance industry, its role players and clients about the opportunities that arise from operating a sustainable business;
  • Create hubs and discussion forums to mobilise the industry and its stakeholders to start thinking about ways to collaborate, to address the problems and to take advantage of opportunities available, and;
  • Facilitate learning from local and international experts from the investment, insurance, scientific, government and multi national think tank communities.

The conference follows three broad themes over the course of three days: ‘Understanding Climate Change’, the ‘Need for Resilience’ and ‘Business Success and its role in Climate Change’.

Topics range from general knowledge about climate change to specific industry response case studies and insurance related issues and risks. The third day is a formal conference with invited keynote speakers specifically targeting climate change, risk and the insurance industry. Whether you are an established green business leader or you are just starting out on your sustainability journey, the Ecocentric Journey offers an exciting opportunity for you to make connections, share your challenges and successes and explore strategies and best practices to lead your organisation to operating more successfully and sustainably.

Global Carbon Exchange is proud to be presenting at the conference, amongst other esteemed speakers, on the following topics:

  1. Global Practices in insurance industry to reduce the risk of climate change. A global overview of what the insurance industry is doing to reduce the risk and a local vulnerability assessment of SA insurance companies.
  2. Vulnerable Industries in South Africa due to Climate Change Risks. The presentation will look at the key industries that will be affected by climate change and steps that can be taken to adapt to these risks.

Other speakers include: Mr Robert Zipplies, Mr Jonathan Hanks, Associate Professor Ralph Hamman and many more.

Event Location: Sanlam Head office, 2 Strand Street, Belville, Cape town
DATES: Tuesday 15 September – Thursday 17 September (all day)
Contact: T: 021-947 9111 Alicja Email:

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