Novalis Spring MarketAlas! Alack! The Novalis Spring Market made its debut this weekend… but wasn’t quite what I was hoping for

Perhaps I’m too picky, but what I want when I go to market is fresh, healthy food and a good selection of hand-made products.

I like to buy organic vegetables, sample a few pickles or jams or something along those lines and chat to people who’re passionate about the things they make.

What I don’t enjoy very much is markets with the kind of random household bric-a-brac more at home at a garage- or car-boot-sale (people trying to get rid of their used junk, like old computer monitors, of all things!), or brightly coloured plastic baubles you can find on any street corner…

Novalis Spring MarketThere were a few stalls with vaguely interesting-looking wares (handmade pottery, a bit of jewellery), but not enough to keep me there for long, and I was soon on my way out again.

To be fair, there was a fresh produce stall there with some organic options, and the prices were the best I’ve encountered so far (R5 for an uber fresh bunch of swiss chard, for example) – but certainly not enough to supply me for the whole week (one of the main reasons I go to markets in the first place)!

Sadly, there was nothing I could see that would bring me back when there are more interesting markets like the well-stocked and reasonably priced Timour Hall Rd market in Plumstead, the rustic and varied Porter Estate Produce Market in Tokai and, of course, the bustling and trendy Neighbour Goods Market in Salt River.

But, it has to be taken into consideration, naturally, that it isn’t easy to start a new market, and there’s plenty of competition with those others already in full swing… Nonetheless, I do think they could have been a little more selective with their stallholders!

Novalis Spring MarketAnyway, I’ll pop in again, one of these days, to see how the market is doing, but for the time being I’ll be heading back to my usual haunts to stock up on my weekly fresh food and treats.

The Novalis Spring Market is held every Saturday morning from 10am to 4pm at the Novalis Institute (39a Rosmead Avenue, Wynberg). Interested vendors can contact Jeremy at


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