Stellenbosch Fresh Goods MarketThere’s a new food market for all of you good food fans out there, and its debut is coming up this weekend.

It’s the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market, an “authentic Slow Food market consisting of producers selling products they have sourced, grown, raised, harvested, caught, preserved or transformed themselves.”

The venue: Dorpstreet square in Bosman’s Crossing trading village in Stellenbosch
Dates: Every Saturday from o9Hoo – 16Hoo

I took a look at their website, and here’s how they describe the market:

“The Stellenbosch Fresh Goods market will conveniently bring together a variety of fine foods and wines. You will experience an ancient way of shopping in a modern context and find the real story on how food is farmed. Goods with known provenance will be sold fairly… no long cold storage, no over processed chemically laden foods, no excessive foodmiles or doubtfull production methods. Customers get to taste before they buy and you can bargain and swap recipes in the process. Our food is fresh seasonal and locally grown making it simple, nourishing and delicious. By trading the food grown on the urban edges directly from the producers we are aiming to make the food chain more sustainable and enviromentally sensitive.”

Seasonal, locally grown, sustainable, environmentally sensitive – these are all words that get me fired up, and rearing to go, so I’ll definitely be heading out there some time soon! And, though it’s a bit of a drive just to go grocery shopping, you could certainly make an occasion of it and spend the whole day out in that beautiful countryside (ah, life’s rough in Africa…).

The market launches this Friday (29 February) at 10h00-18h00 and Saturday (1 March) at 9h00-16h00. Check out their website for more info on what to expect, as well as how to get there.

Thanks for the headsup on this one, Dax!

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