Organic Market at the Christian Community Centre - Timour Hall Road, PlumsteadI’ve found a new market!

Whilst wandering around the Constantia Valley Farmers Market (more about that soon), I overheard one of the stallholders mention a small market for organic vegetables held every Saturday morning in Plumstead.

My ears pricked up (I love the smaller, more intimate markets, and they’re not always so easy to find) and I soon gleaned the location: the Christian Community Centre in Timour Hall Road.

And so, intrigued, and figuring it wasn’t very far away anyway, off I went – and find it I did.

Timour Hall Rd Organic Market VeggiesIt’s far smaller than the other more formal markets (Porter Estate Produce Market, Neighbourgoods Market, Constantia Valley Farmers Market) and that’s precisely what I like about it.

I arrived fairly late in the day, so I’m guessing the best had already been plucked, but there was still plenty on offer.

I bought two bunches of beautiful, gleaming orange carrots, a bunch of uber-fresh leeks, spring onions, a rather large piece of pumpkin (2kg!), as many tomatoes as would fit into my basket, some healthy broccoli, a huge bunch of divine fresh coriander and two small eggplants. It all came to around R70.

Timour Hall Rd Organic Market VeggiesAh, there is no smell like that of fresh, organic vegetables. It’s so good that all you want to do is grab bites of everything, all at once (well, I certainly do… ahem).

On the other side of the courtyard were things like yoghurt, organic apple juice, pickles, preserves and the like. And a stand of essential oils and natural products, which I plan to investigate further next time I visit.

I’m so happy to have found a quiet, unpretentious organic-centred market that isn’t busy and bustling. I do love the other markets – but sometimes I just want to pop in, and pop out again, without having to navigate bad roads (Porter Estate Produce Market) or budge my way through the trendy crowds (Neighbourgoods Market).

And this market, which I hereby dub (seeing as it has no official name) the “Timour Hall Rd Organic Market” provides me with exactly that option.

Love it! If I weren’t doing a Soil For Life ‘Grow To Live’ course this weekend, I’d be back again this Saturday, for sure.

The Timour Hall Rd Organic Market is held every Saturday morning between 9.30am and around midday at the Christian Community Centre in Timour Hall Road, Plumstead. It’s pretty easy to find – just drive down Timour Hall Road from Gabriel Road, and you’ll see it on your left. They assured me that the market happens rain or shine – so every Saturday it truly is!

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