There is nothing like a bunch of beautiful flowers to lift your spirits. And when those flowers smell like you’ve waltzed into heaven and laid down amongst beds of rose petals… things are really looking up!

If you only ever buy roses from traditional sources (supermarkets, roadside flower-sellers), you might just think I’m off my rocker… because most roses we buy these days don’t smell of anything at all.

Like most fresh produce we get at the supermarkets, commercial flowers are bred for their looks, and their shipping potential (hardier plants means less damage, but very often also means less fragrant – or in the case of vegetables, less tasty).

But these roses, which I bought in Tokai a few days ago, are an entirely different manner of beast – old-fashioned varieties that may not live for weeks on end, or look anatomically ‘perfect’, but which will fill a room with a heady scent that may well become addictive.

Anyway, I’ve written about these particular roses before, so I won’t wax lyrical again, but I just wanted to remind everyone that it’s rose season again, that they still cost only R10 a bunch (inflation and global economic meltdown be danged!), that they are still eco-friendly and that they will certainly soothe any troubled spirits (’tis the silly season, after all).

Here’s how to find them

First, read my original post to get the finer details. Then, follow these directions: from the M3, towards Muizenberg, take the Ladies Mile turn-off. Turn left into Ladies Mile and then left again into Spaanschemacht Rd. Pass Peddlars on the Bend, Waldorf School and continue past Constantia Uitsig River Cafe and The Range. Approximately half-way along the straight stretch after The Range, there’s an entrance on the left with low white walls.

There’s usually a board on the side of the road advertising “FRESH CUT FLOWERS DAILY”, but, if not, look out for the ‘Tokai Lions Rotary Club’, as their clubhouse is on the premises. Drive along the driveway until you reach the slighty dilapidated buildings, and ask to see the flowers.

PS. you can also buy eco-friendly flowers in Constantia, but they don’t seem to grow roses, unfortunately.


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