Organic VegesFinally, thanks to friends of technical persuasion, the aforementioned gremlins have been sorted out, and most of my images are once again performing their intended function on MCL.

One or two, however, appear to have developed rebellious minds of their own, but I am slowly working my way through the site to get them all back into line. Order shall be restored!

In the meantime, though, to spice things up I’ve been updating my events calendar for the coming summer, and working on fleshing out my currently fairly limited (but growing, I promise!) list of places I like for after-work drinks, favourite lunching spots, and watching our fabulous cape sunsets.

Coming soon, feedback on a fantastic new health shop I discovered recently in Steenberg: organic box schemes, food and health talks, ever-so tasty wheat-and-gluten-free breads – these guys are getting it oh-so right!

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