Sacred Sustainability by Anthea Torr

“If you want to know the true colours of a ‘greenie’, just take a walk through her yard. If you find a wind turbine, a biodigester to turn waste into compost and gas, a car that runs on biofuel, ducks patrolling her veggie patch for snails and solar panels on her roof, then she’s a very deep green.

Environmental activist Anthea Torr is someone who walks her talk: her family plot in Noordhoek on the outskirts of Cape Town is a lesson in sustainable living. She lives there in a small cottage with her two sons David (18) and Henry (9) and her former husband Andrew lives in the next-door cottage, which works well for their son Henry. She is a VEGAN and believes that this along with her spiritual life, is perhaps the most important aspect to her ‘Green, harm-less Living’, and aspirations for peace and harmony.

She will give a PowerPoint presentation showing the ‘green’ aspects of her home, and some pointers that have helped her become sovereign and more free of the ‘system’ that keeps us, most of the time bound in fear!”


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