1 April 2011: Two Oceans, one of South Africa’s leading wine brands is supporting SASSI, the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative that helps to improve the conservation status of overexploited seafood in local oceans.

In the first phase of its collaboration, the brand is funding the printing of wallet-sized information cards that identify those fish than can be eaten without danger of depleting resources. The cards, for distribution to restaurants, retailers and fisheries, also identify those fish considered endangered or under threat of becoming endangered.

The next phase will involve in-store merchandising initiatives designed to promote awareness of the fish species, fishing and farming methods that pose less harm to the environment than others, so consumers are better equipped to make informed choices in helping to promote marine sustainability.

Says Jackie Olivier, global marketing spokesperson for Two Oceans: “The Atlantic and Indian oceans after which the brand is named, aren’t just an important influence on the wines we produce. They also sustain an enormous variety of life. That’s why we support SASSI and its campaign to show how simple it is to make a sustainable seafood choice when shopping or dining.  SASSI explains why not all seafood is equal and encourages us to ask what fish we are being offered, to find out where it comes from and how it was sourced, so we can all help to make a difference.”

There was a natural convergence between SASSI and Two Oceans, she added. “Many of the shops and restaurants also carry Two Oceans wines. By working together we hope to advance consumer awareness of the state of our oceans.”

The global brand is also hoping to team up with similar drives in other parts of the world to encourage sustainable seafood choices.

She said Two Oceans was continuing to grow year-on-year domestic sales volumes in double digits as consumers opted for outstanding value. Sales were also increasing in the US, Latin America and on the African continent.

For more information on SASSI go to the website (www.wwf.org.za/sassi) or mobi site (wwfsassi.mobi).

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