Sand Rooms ExhibitToday I wandered out to the Empire Cafe in Muizenberg to check out a photography exhibit I’d heard was on there.

Called ‘The Sand Rooms‘, the informal exhibit features photographs taken by Gina Niederhumer at Kolmanskop, the famous (and very photogenic) ghost town in Namibia.

What’s unusual about these striking images is that they are not traditionally mounted, but are each stitched onto a piece of fabric, which is then wrapped around a wooden frame.

The colours of the fabric are in each case carefully chosen to enhance those in the photographs and, as an added flourish the signature of the photographer is sewn into the fabric!

Sand Rooms ExhibitI thought it was beautiful – the images themselves as well as their presentation – and I hope she does very well.

As for the venue: the Empire Cafe is not as imposing as its name suggests. It has a slighty run-down feeling, but the staff are friendly and the sea-view from the upstairs section is enough to make it worth the trip.

I didn’t eat there, but no doubt I’ll be back soon enough to stare at the sea and sample their daytime menu.

The Sand Rooms exhibit runs until the end of January. The Empire Cafe is situated on York St, just down from the famous Corner Surfshop. It’s open from 7am to 4pm Mon-Sat and 8am to 4pm on Sundays. Make sure you sit upstairs – the ground floor suffers in comparison.

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