Spotted on Gumtree – news of a new monthly night market at the Constantia Waldorf School:

When the day comes to an end and evening settles in, imagine a beautiful natural setting in the Constantia Valley. The atmosphere is gentle, yet exciting, as the sun sets and the Constantia Waldorf Night Market opens for an evening of fun, shopping, education, creativity, entertainment and community socialising.

Enjoy lanterns and firelight, savour mouthwatering scents from delicious wholesome food, shop for craft, organic vegetables and products and listen live music filling the air, all providing a perfect ambience to settle into the weekend.

With plenty of educational and fun activities children are free and safe to run around our gorgeous grounds.

This is a green event, focusing on re-use, recycle and re-invent. It is an opportunity for our greater community to come together and enjoy good food, art and music. Learn about growing your own organic vegetables and experience holistic health therapies.

Every night market will offer a surprise of wares, entertainment, produce and performances. Creative thinking, minimal waste and tasteful, gentle ambience are our goals, providing a forum for a social community gathering.

The night market opens on Friday 29 January 2010 at the Constantia Waldorf School from 5 to 9 pm and thereafter every last Friday of the month (excl. school holidays).

The world renowned luthier and guitarist Marc Maingard will open our first market.

Entrance is free and secure parking is available at R10 per car.

More info to follow as soon as I have it!

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