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** UPDATE 24/2/09: Sadly, this festival has been postponed until 28-29 November 2009.  **

I like art, but I’m rarely drawn to exhibitions because I think I’d feel somewhat out of place amongst art buffs…  I have no idea what makes art ‘good’ – I just have a feeling of what I do and don’t like.

But what does appeal to me is the idea of a display of art in an outdoor setting, where things are casual enough that anyone can wander by and admire the work, without feeling like you have to be an expert to appreciate it (or that you have to buy it).   

And that’s exactly what’s happening this weekend…  when Cape Town gets its own ‘Walk of Art‘.

Set to be the largest outdoor art exhibition in Cape Town, Walk of Art makes its debut this coming Saturday (28 Feb ’09) at De Waal Park, Oranjezicht.

It’s an interactive art fiesta…  Over two days you’ll be able to wander through art exhibits, buy art supplies, check out the Graffiti wall and admire chalk art on the walk ways.  

You can also buy some art at one of the many art auctions happening throughout the event, as well as listen to and watch jazz players, Buskers and theatrical performers.

You can even go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage!

Plus, there’ll be plenty of food for the hungry and drink for the thirsty… 


Now that sounds like my kind of art experience.  Here’s hoping the south-easter gives the event a bit of a breather.

Walk of Art happens on Saturday 28 February (11am to 11pm) and Sunday 1 March(11am to 7pm) 2009 in De Waal Park, Oranjezicht, Cape Town.

Contact: Amanda on +2782 925 5701

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