IOL ForecastWell, the weather gods are certainly putting on a show right now… aren’t they.

It’s just like it was exactly 20 years ago, when I first moved to Cape Town – an entire week of torrential, non-stop, unbelievable rain.

Coming from the dry, sunny winters of Johannesburg, it was rather a shock to see so much precipitation, all at once, and for so many days.  Not the most fun way to spend your 10th birthday…

And here I am, again, moving house, in the rain, again, and wondering how it’s possible that so much rain can fall out of the sky at once.

Rain rain, go away, please come back some other day…As before,  I think Spike‘s always entertaining weather report says it best:

Cape Peninsula
(Spike, 09h10 Mon 7 July)

Aiee! Banzai! Thick swabs of rainsoaked mash-bumps in ragged NW-blasted 6-8′ swell chunks out there Monday. The wind stays fresh to strong – deep dark dankest wintery day.

Hmmpf, of course, it’s my birthday, again (yes, that means I’m turning the big 3-oh, egads!) – tomorrow – and it’s still pissing with rain.  Dang.

Well, at least I still have a roof over my head…  And, being the optimist that I am, I’m still holding out for a little bit of sunlight – because a deep dark dank wintery day just won’t do!

Wish me luck… (it’s not looking good).

PS.  I have plenty to write about, but oh so little time.  Who knew moving (in the rain) could take up so many hours of so many days.   Coming up soon(ish) is my feedback from the workshops I attended at Metavarsity’s Winter School last week, as well as my impressions of Soil for Life’s ‘Grow to Live’ course further back in June.

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