The Black MarlinI went to a beautiful place this weekend: the Black Marlin, a seafood restaurant overlooking Millers Point (about 20kms from Cape Point).

Bit of a touristy spot (usually on their way to or from Cape Point), but it’s easy to see why the crowds flock there…

I’d booked in advance (special occasion) so our table was very well situated, with a spectacular view over False Bay and across to the mountains far away on the other side (on a clear day, anyway).

It being a celebratory event, we splashed out and had items I’d not normally even dream of ordering… mussels in garlic sauce, a seafood platter that included crayfish and prawns and some other (formerly) ocean-dwelling creatures, and a little green salad to offset the richness of the crustaceans.

Seafood PlatterThis all was accompanied by jugs of delicious sauces: garlic and herb, lemon butter and a spicy peri peri.

It was lovely, and several whales glided nonchalantly past, clearly oblivious to the point’s rather bloody past (Millers Point was a whaling station, once upon a time).

But I do have to say that I find crayfish extremely overrated. They are, after all, the scavengers of the sea. Would we be as likely to feast upon vultures, I wonder…

Crayfish freshly caught, boiled in salt water and served plain with garlic butter at one’s dunking disposal, really is good, but unfortunately the Black Marlin’s crayfish didn’t quite pass muster (in my humble opinion).

Millers Point. View from Black MarlinI strongly suspect that it was of the formerly frozen variety, because the flesh was not springy, but closer to powdery, and the meat in the legs had turned to mush (all signs of freezing). Certainly not worth the vast sums one must part with for the luxury.

But, we all had a wonderful time, and the view alone is certainly something worth staggering your courses for…

Leon, our friendly waiter, was very attentive and friendly and we left there feeling relaxed and sated. I’m pretty sure I will be back to enjoy that view again, whilst trying out some of the other interesting (non-crustacean) items on their varied menu.

The Black Marlin Restaurant is on Main Road, Millers Point, outside Simonstown. Most main course dishes are around R80 and up, and our seafood platter (with crayfish, prawns, calamari, fish of the day and 6 mussels) was R215. It’s a 30-45 minute drive from Cape Town. Tel: 021 786 1621. If you want a table with a view, be sure to book in advance.

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