View from part of Table Mountain, not too far from Maclears BeaconWell, so much for my gung-ho enthusiasm to join the ‘It’s Our Mountain’ initiative and start scouring the mountain for would-be muggers. It’s been two weeks since I signed up, and I’ve heard not a peep from them. Not a peep!

I dutifully checked my ever-hungry spam folder – nothing there – and even went so far as to send them a mail directly, but have as yet had no response.

It’s Our Mountain?And *alas* their website doesn’t seem to exist anymore (instead, there’s a cryptic message: ‘ … coming soon … ‘). Perhaps there are plans in the offing for something larger, greater, deeper, stronger? There is no explanation, though, which makes it all the more mysterious.

My hopes of mountain-prowling are dashed! Dashed, I say. Anyone out there know what’s going on?

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