Brounger Rd FlowersBack in February I stumbled upon a place in Tokai where I could buy flowers that were not only affordable but earth-friendly as well.

Bunches of beautiful, headily-scented roses for only R10 a pop – it seemed almost too good to be true (but I certainly wasn’t complaining).

Well, I’ve discovered another such treasure trove – this time in Constantia – and am once again in flower-filled heaven.

Going down Spaanschmat Road, heading towards Tokai, I was distracted by a bunch of bright orange poppies, on the side of the road. Next to them a sign beckoned, enticing me to turn off into Brounger Road and find ‘Fresh Cut Flowers’.

And so, not surprisingly, I did.

Brounger Road turns off right next to Peddlars on the Bend, a popular bar and restaurant in the area (it also leads to Soil For Life HQ, but that’s a story for another day).   Not far along the bumpy dirt road another, rather faded, sign indicated that the flowers were to be found in one of several wendy houses facing a horse-jumping arena.

my three bunches of poppiesWell, there were plenty varieties from which to choose – one side contained flowers grown right next door, on the adjacent land, and the other flowers bought in from elsewhere.

Being a fan of locally grown (buying flowers that have had to be trucked in seems a little too indulgent to me), I only focused on the flowers that had come from the farm (assuming it is a farm).

Of those there were several different kinds available (the names of which escape me), each bunch going for a very affordable R10.  R10!

And, as luck would have it, buying three bunches of those enticing bright orange poppies turned out to cost only R20 (a bulk discount, of sorts).

Now, that’s value… and, being grown and sold in the same vicinity, these blooms are certainly more eco-friendly than flowers shipped in from elsewhere around the country or, even worse, from overseas.

So, next time you’re looking to fill your house with flowers, or to spoil yourself with a bunch every now and again – consider visiting the Brounger Road wendy houses (or Tokai, of course, if it’s closer).

How to get there: from the M3, towards Muizenberg, take the Ladies Mile turn-off. Turn left into Ladies Mile and then left again into Spaanschemat Rd. Directly after Peddlars on the Bend, turn right into Brounger Rd (dirt track).  Park facing the horse-jumping arena and walk down to the wendy houses adjoining it.  I’m not sure of times, but am assuming the flowers are most likely to be available in the mornings on week-days and on Saturdays.    


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