Organic Tomatoes… mmmmm…I am a huge fan of organic foods, and am constantly on the lookout for new sources to feed my cravings.

Because of the care taken in its production, organic food tends to be more expensive than regular produce. So, like most people out there with a limited budget, I’ve had to be realistic and accept that I probably won’t be able to eat solely organic food. Not yet.

Problem is, once you’ve started down the organic path, it’s hard to turn back. The taste, texture and smell of organic fruit and vegetables is very rarely matched in general produce.

Tomatoes, for instance, I now find almost inedible unless they are organic. Once you get used to eating shiny rosy succulent organic tomatoes (that actually taste of something, and smell delicious), you find it very difficult to buy them in a supermarket.

I’ve started growing what I can – easy things that fit in pots (lettuce, herbs etc), but even so more and more of my food budget goes towards organic and free-range products.

And I spend the extra money gladly – not only does it give me a warm fluffy feeling about doing my bit to help temper the damage done to the environment by non-organic farming, but the food tastes, smells and is so much better. Also, because I spend a little bit more on the food, I appreciate it better, and waste less of it. Which, in my opinion, is the way it should be.

Shiny Organic Veges at the Constantia Country Living MarketBut, of course, because of the extra cost involved, not everyone is able to buy organic.

My hope, then, is that if more people who can buy organic food, do so, the more demand for it will rise. The more demand there is, the more profitable it becomes to produce and therefore the more likely it is that farmers will switch to organic methods.

In theory, it follows, the more organic produce there is on the market, the more affordable it will become for everyone. While it’s unlikely it would ever be as cheap as non-organic food, perhaps the gap would narrow enough to allow a larger range of people to benefit from having at least some organic food in their diet (never mind the benefits to the environment!).

So, in my own small effort to help speed this process along I’ve decided to start putting together a list of all the organic resources we have in and around Cape Town – anything from organic and fresh-food markets to health stores and online delivery companies.

This list is unlikely to be quite as comprehensive as the uber-green eco directory on urban sprout, which covers more than just Cape Town, but it will, as always, be hands-on and based on my own experiences, or those of people I know.

For the time being I’ve decided to focus primarily on organic and sustainable foods, but will expand the list to include other organic products as well.

It’s a growing list, and there are likely to be many places of which I’m not yet aware, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know and I will give them a try!

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