Shared Earth magazineI don’t read a lot of magazines.  Most of them are, in my opinion, a hellish waste of the vast quantities of paper on which they’re printed.

And the number of buy-this-or-you’ll-never-be-happy adverts contained in just one magazine can be quite staggering.

So, much like with television, I am very selective, and choose only the publications that, I feel, educate (or enlighten) me in some way, and are worth hanging on to for future reference (magazines like Natural Medicine, Biophile, Good Taste, and Getaway, for example).

Perhaps that’s elitist, but read-and-toss magazines just don’t do it for this green girl.

Anyway, so I am very excited about a new magazine that is going to hit the shelves this coming November.  I first heard about it through the green grapevine, and now it’s been officially announced.

It’s called Shared Earth, and every issue is going to be jam-packed with all the stuff I’m always waxing lyrical about:

Alternative Energy
The latest information on solar, wind, biodiesel, biogas and other renewable energy options available to South Africans.

Do It Yourself
Lots of plans, tips and techniques covering a wide range of useful projects.

Green Building
In-depth information on natural building methods including log, straw bale, adobe, earth-sheltered and cob homes; solar designs; energy-efficiency and more.

Green Transportation
Information on better ways to get around, including comprehensive vehicle buyer’s guides.

Farming and Smallholding
Expert advice for smallholders, including guides to farm machinery, outdoor power equipment and much more.

Nature and Environment
Inspiring articles that help readers enjoy, explore and protect the environment.

Organic Gardening
Comprehensive articles on the systems, methods, tips and benefits of growing organic fruits and vegetables including permaculture, no-till farming, composting, vermiculture, edible landscaping and so on.

Self-Sufficiency & Frugal Living
Tips and information to help you lead a happier, leaner life and become less reliant on others.

How cool is that?  And, the magazine will be printed in full colour on recycled paper. Now that is, most definitely, my cup of tea.

The first edition goes on sale this coming November at Exclusive Books, CNA and
other outlets across South Africa.  I can’t wait!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Shared Earth is no longer publishing its magazine, owing to financial constraints.

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