Wikia Green - click to visit websiteWhen one goes down the ‘green’ route, one is always asking questions.

Why eat organic? Is it really healthier? What are rBST hormones, and are they really that bad? Is GM necessarily a thing to froth about, or is there too much emotion and not enough fact?

I think about these sort of issues all the time (I think it’s important to do so), and try to be as level-headed and informed as possible – but finding balanced information on what are often exceptionally emotive topics isn’t always easy to do.

Which is why I’m excited about Wikia Green, a new ‘wikipedia’ (launched today) that has been created to be a “flexible, dynamic community wiki that covers anything and everything in the environmental and sustainable universe”.

Green Wikia strives to become a trusted central place to share our growing and evolving body of knowledge about environmental topics and issues with people who want to inform themselves and live in a more sustainable way.

The Green Wikia community also believes that the threats to our environment are real and that they require action. However, the wiki also strives to foster a community where respectful debate and informed viewpoints can be heard. (more)

The focus, of course, is on green issues, which isn’t anything new, but instead of getting overly theoretical (potentially losing our interest) the website places great emphasis on practical solutions and advice for sustainable living:

Green Wikia content differs from that on Wikipeda in three main ways:

So, as that all sounds like good news to me, I’ve duly joined the Wikia Green community, and I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time there from now on…


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