Fickle February has a chance to redeem herself this weekend. May the sun shine, and the wind not blow as I make my way to the Bien Donne Estate to annex territory under the trees (with flags – as all good frontrunners must when laying claim to strategic positions – and large expanses of blanket with multiple items cunningly spread out to indicate further arrivals).

In most un-Capetonian fashion I bought my tickets for the Cape Country Picnic Festival several weeks ago, back when I was smug in the knowledge that February was the mildest month of the year, and nothing could possibly go wrong (go wrong, go wrong).

I have high hopes, though, despite the rather forlorn weather forecast – hot but drizzly, oh yay. In any case, after a few bottles of whatever’s going, mucking about in the mud will probably seem like a whole lot of fun (mental note: remember to park on fairly solid ground).

(Further mental note: don’t bring my own car, get a lift with someone else who doesn’t mind a little bit of mud and sand that adds character to his or her beast of burden).

In trying times like these I’m reminded of something someone used to say to me quite often:

Weather the weather, whatever the weather
Whether you like it, or not.

Well, rain or shine, hailstorm or blazing heatwave, I will be there on Saturday, picnic basket in hand, ready to find the best spot, drink the best wine, and have the best time – ever.

The Cape Country Picnic Festival takes place on 23 (Fri), 24 (Sat) and 25 (Sun) February. Tickets can be purchased online, or at the gate. Tickets for the Friday cost R80 (includes a concert), and Saturday/Sunday tickets R45.

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