I’ve been a trifle distracted of late, as some may have noticed.

But not so distracted as to keep me from scouring the Mother City papers and websites for those winter specials that make the tourist-ridden silliness of summer somehow worth bearing.

I’ll be updating my winter specials page today, but what I felt was worth its very own mention was a little-advertised deal that a friend of mine recently pointed out to me.

The 12 Apostles Hotel, that rather posh and incredibly beautiful hotel on the road between Camps Bay and Llandudno, will give you a free meal on your birthday!

Celebrate your birthday at 12A on us!
The ultimate treat in our amazing promotions is to offer a complimentary dinner, if you are celebrating your birthday, to the value of R200. Just bring your Identity Document to qualify.

Not strictly a winter special, I guess, but I’d say it’s worth taking them up on their offer, whatever the season. Nothing wrong with a bit of luxury on one’s birthday, hey?

Of course, you might have to go alone, or agree to split the remainder of the bill with whoever comes with you, because luxury is as luxury does, and it certainly won’t be a budget meal.

Oh, and tough luck if your birthday falls between 19 Dec and 05 Jan – the special doesn’t apply to peak season.

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