Wellness DirectoryWomen24 have just launched a new ‘wellness green directory‘:

“Whether you want to start recycling, do some eco-friendly shopping or create your own compost heap… this comprehensive green directory will help you find the relevant business nearest to you.”

It’s a nationwide directory – you select your category and location and see what comes up. Results for Cape Town are currently rather limited, but no doubt they’ll grow soon enough.

I like the idea – anything that leads more people to green companies and information is good in my book – but the page is so busy! Ads everywhere for everything under the sun… (I’m a bit fussy about such things).

Being Cape Town-based I still prefer Urban Sprout‘s somewhat more comprehensive and user-friendly organic eco-directory when looking for local sources of things natural and environmentally friendly (Urban Sprout’s directory is currently Cape Town- and Jo’burg-focused, though, so perhaps not as useful to folks outside that area).

Still, I’ll certainly be checking in on the Women24 version from time to time, to see what’s new.

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