Organic FoodsWell, I didn’t get to the Neighbourhood Goods Market, unfortunately.

I was too busy walking my mother’s rather hyperactive dogs at windy Noordhoek Beach, simultaneously trying to take photographs without getting sand in the lenses (or dog drool, for that matter).

But a friend of a friend did go, and said that not only was there “some really yummy stuff” at the market, but that it was so well-attended that he had to drive around for thirty minutes just to find parking!

When I asked what kind of produce was on offer at the market, he said that whilst there wasn’t a lot on the veggie and fruit side of things, there were plenty of things made from Organic produce, like cheeses and chocolates and pickles and so on.

Sounds great! And it sounds like you should go early (or late, I suppose) if you want to get parking close to the market.

The organic market will be held every Saturday between 9am and 4pm at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock (373 – 375 Albert Rd (Lower Main Rd.) Woodstock, Cape Town).

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