In ten days’ time, Soil For Life and Compassion in World Farming will be hosting a ‘Green Tie’ dinner to raise funds for the incredible work that they both do.

The dinner will be held at a historical private residence in the Constantia winelands and proceedings will be MC’d by the always hilarious Nik Rabinowitz.  A number of high value items and experiences have been donated for an auction that will be held on the night, to bring in extra cash.

Soil For Life dinner

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More about Soil For Life

Soil For Life has a strong motto: “Build the soil, grow the plants, feed the people, heal the planet.”  Every day they’re hard at work doing exactly that – teaching people how to grow their own food, in a lasting, sustainable fashion, using whatever materials happen to be at hand.  I’m a huge fan of their work in local communities, and took a tour of their community food gardens a few years back, as well as getting my hands dirty doing their fantastic Grow To Live weekend workshop.

More about Compassion in World Farming

These guys are dedicated to moving our animal farming industry towards a more compassionate space.  If you’re still eating cage-raised chickens and eggs, feedlot beef and other mass-produced animal products, you probably don’t care too much, but these guys most definitely do, raising awareness of the living conditions of these creatures and challenging the industry to make much-needed changes.

Both are great causes, doing amazing things for people, for animals and for the environment.  and I hope the dinner is well attended – these guys deserve our support so that they can continue doing what they do best.

Tickets for the dinner cost R450 (or R4,000 for a table of ten) and can be reserved through Soil For Life by calling Tania on 021 794 4982 or emailing  RSVP by 12 October 2012 if possible.

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