This Saturday the fabulous Massimo’s Pizza Club in Hout Bay is having a special event that I am very keen to attend.  I never got around to writing about my last visit, but it truly was fantastic, and I cannot recommend the pizza (and the atmosphere) more highly.  These are no ordinary pizzas – each thin-based, artfully-topped creation is a taste-sensation, and I very much doubt you would be disappointed.

Pizza unites the World!

Join us on Saturday 12 September at 8pm for World Pizza Night. Each pizza will be dedicated to the flavor representing a specific country, all new pizzas, but the same high quality we always deliver at Massimo’s Pizza Club.

…Italy, France, Norway, England, USA, Mexico, Spain, Greece, China, South Africa and more …

Selection of ‘out of this world’ pizzas, Sgroppino, dessert, Limoncello or Bicerin liquors and finish with our ‘explosive’ Cuciarin … a sugar cube infused in aromatic alcohol and set on fire!

The event costs R130pp, and you can eat pretty much until you can’t fit any more in.   There are only a few places left (at the time of writing this), so if you’re as eager as I am to try to the ‘explosive’ sugar cube, you’d best contact Massimo’s very soon!

Massimo’s Pizza Club is located at Scarecrows, Oakhurst Farm Park, Main Rd, Hout Bay.  Contact details: 073 3901373 – 021 7907906.

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