How well can you see?  Are you one of those irritating (lucky) people with 20/20 vision, or are you more like me… blind as a bat, always with glasses or contact lenses close at hand?

Well, vision is the focus (pun intended) of Eyecare Awareness Week, revolving around World Sight Day on Thursday, and the folks from Transitions Optical got in touch with Mother City Living, to share a list of ‘eye-foods’ that can help us all boost our eyesight, naturally, and to offer up a pretty awesome prize for one lucky reader out there.

First, the ‘eye-foods’:

  • image032Eggs: contain cysteine, sulfur, lecithin, carotenoids and zeaxanthin, which can protect the lens of the eye from cataract formation, promote vision and prevent some common causes of blindness.
  • Nuts: contain minerals such as selenium and magnesium that support vision.
  • Salmon: provides a unique blend of compounds, which help protect the eyes from oxidation, replenishes omega-3 fatty acids in the body as well as restores vascular health and optical nerve responsiveness in the eye. Try to find a local equivalent, if you’re looking for a greener food choice (salmon is usually flown in from Europe).
  • image028Oysters: these ‘kings of zinc’ contain on average 100 times more zinc than any other marine animals. Zinc is an essential component of many enzymes, including those producing light-sensing retinal from vitamin A. Four oysters a day are sufficient to maintain healthy zinc levels.
  • Fruit: Carrots, melons, peaches, tomatoes, plums and red grapes: help with night vision.
  • Spinach: high carotenoid content and quantities of lutein and zeaxanthin will help protect your eyes from UV light.
  • Broccoli: contains one fifth the recommended daily dose of vitamins C, A, E, B2, lutein, and zeaxanthin, promoting healthy vision.image029
  • Blueberries: contain vitamins and minerals that can restore visual acuity after exposure to bright light and aid in quicker adjustment to darkness. They’ll also protect your from Computer Eye Syndrome (CES).
  • Mangoes: have numerous vision-protective nutrients such as large amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin A, and some rare carotenoids, such as crypthoxanthin. Plus, they’re jam-packed with vitamin E. All of which helps the prevention of night blindness, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Nice… four oysters a day might be a little on the pricey side, but I’m sure there are other ways of getting your zinc booster!

In addition to protecting your eyes from the inside, though, it’s also important to make sure you’re careful about how much exposure you get to the sun’s UV rays.  Like your skin, your eyes are sensitive to UV and need some kind of protection from extended exposure, which is where a good set of lenses can come in handy.

And that leads us on to the good stuff… In celebration of World Sight Day (8 October), Transitions Optical are giving away a free eye test, designer frame and a set of Transitions lenses – all to the value of a whopping R5,000!

image025Transitions Optical is the manufacturer of variable-tint lenses, clear lenses indoors that turn sun lens dark when exposed to UV light. Transitions lenses also block 100% UV light and glare and reflections from reaching the eyes. Also, the lenses can be fitted to any designer frame making them a fashion statement that won’t bring out the Fashion Police!

If you’d fancy a free trip to the optometrist, and all the goodies that go with it, all you have to do is to fill in the entry form below, answer a simple question, and send us your details before midday on Monday the 12th of October 2009.

First correct entry drawn, wins.  Good luck!

THE FINE PRINT: The competition closes at midday on the 12th of October 2009. Only one entry per person, please.  One winner will receive a free eye test, designer frame and a set of Transitions lenses, to the value of R5,000.  The sponsor, Transitions Optical, will be responsible for providing you with the prize.  The choice of lenses is not negotiable.  This prize can be claimed anywhere in South Africa, and winners must visit a recommended optician. Please include a contact number with your entry!  If we cannot get hold of any winner by midday on 13 October 2009, we will award the tickets to a runner-up.  Please note: all entries will be passed on to the sponsor, Transitions Optical.
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